Tokens are relatively easy to create on any blockchain. Unlike coins, tokens can be built on a pre-existing network, such as the HELO™ blockchain. It is important to remember that tokens represent an asset or specific use case on that particular blockchain. Tokens and coins have similar roles, but tokens have some kind of utility over their projects. They bear their own value and provide specific utilities within a blockchain environment. 

On HELO, token creation is simple. To create a token, one must enter the token parameters into a ready-to-use template that will create the token. This allows for tokens to be created without the need for a smart contract.  The Pythia oracle is responsible for the creation of HELO™ tokens, as well as any other new entities on the HELO™ blockchain.

HELO™ tokens allow for no transaction fees, greater variety in projects, lower barrier to enter and of course, a natural integration to the HELO™ ecosystem.

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