Blockchain networks rely on consensus algorithms to secure and validate their networks. Bitcoin and Ethereum, among other protocols, often experience network congestion, spikes in fees, and halts due to inadequacies with their forms of consensus. Proof of Ethic™ was developed to solve these problems and provide a virtually unlimited scalability solution.  

Proof of Ethic™ is a novel consensus algorithm with virtually zero carbon footprint and truly no transaction fees. The algorithm is based on a principle of absolute probabilistic equality, in which all nodes have an equal opportunity to generate the next block without the need for heavy capital investment. A combination of these features, alongside other proprietary components, results in an eco-friendly, accessible, and egalitarian consensus. 

Comparison table showing differences with Proof of Ethic, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of History, and Proof of Authority.
Comparison of top blockchain consensus algorithms


Proof of Ethic™ offers a solution to the “scalability trilemma” proposed by Vitalik Buterin, without any Sharding or Layer 2 mechanisms. PoE™ offers optimizations in five aspects, or pillars, of a given consensus algorithm. These include speed, security, decentralization, eco-friendliness, and monetary investment.  

Speed advancements with Proof of Ethic™

Essentially being a game of speed, Proof of Ethic™ incentivizes nodes to generate blocks as fast as possible. PoE incorporates a proprietary dynamic block size strategy, alongside others, to prevent bottleneck congestion. Dynamic block sizes adjust to meet the needs of the network, enabling transactions to be processed as efficiently as possible rather than conforming to a predetermined block size. Existing simulations show Proof of Ethic™ achieving several million transactions per second.   

Security advancements with Proof of Ethic™  

HELO™ and PoE™ present a new opportunity for security in the blockchain industry, keeping assets and data protected from detrimental threats. The core rules that make Proof of Ethic™ possible ensure a secure network. More information on these specific rules will be released with the PoE™ whitepaper. 

Decentralization advancements with Proof of Ethic™  

In part because of a variety of roles and other proprietary PoE™ mechanisms within the consensus, Proof of Ethic™ remains decentralized. No group or individual will be able to effectively attain influence by any monetary or technical leverage. One of the only aspects that could potentially impact a given influence of a given node in the network is internet speed. Regardless, this is only a marginal advantage.  

Eco-friendliness advancements with Proof of Ethic™

Compared to consensus algorithms such as Proof of Work, Proof of Ethic™ does not rely on making heavy mathematical computations for as long as possible using expensive computer hardware. Compared to Proof of Stake (and other staking-related consensus algorithms), Proof of Ethic™ does not require staking of large sums to establish a role in the network.

Instead, with Proof of Ethic™, nodes taking part in the decentralized network must adhere to a strict and structured behavioral system to perform various actions. Along with multiple other ingenious computer algorithms and mechanisms, PoE keeps the carbon footprint to an extreme minimum and for PoE™ powered blockchains to be run on low power devices.

Accessibility advancements with Proof of Ethic™  

Staking of coins and advanced computing hardware is not needed to participate in the HELO™ blockchain and become a node. Simply having a compatible device (such as an Android smartphone or nearly any personal computer) and an internet connection allows any truthful actor to be a node in the network. This breaks down barriers for blockchain adoption and provides a much more egalitarian network.  

All these incredible advancements are made possible by the Proof of Ethic™ consensus algorithm.  

This is only the beginning. With PoE™ the blockchain industry will see massive changes. Stay connected to be the first to know about the release of the HELO™ blockchain whitepaper and Proof of Ethic™ patent, answering all your questions about Proof of Ethic™.