HELO™ brings a user-friendly blockchain solution for the everyday user

The HELO™ Blockchain is accessible and easy to use, offering efficient infrastructure to maximize user experience. Seamless internetwork communication makes this possible. The simplest way to use HELO™ is within the official mobile or desktop app, where anyone can be a node. 

Mock-up of the HELO™ app – coming soon!

Existing blockchain opportunities 

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake blockchains often alienate the majority of their users. Their core design means power and rewards are concentrated in the hands of a few, despite best efforts to improve these flaws. There is an existing monetary barrier for both. With PoW, expensive computing setups are needed to join the network. With PoS, significant funds have to be staked in the blockchain to establish a position worthy of being considered.  

Aside from the monetary aspect, being part of the network and becoming a node can seem like a daunting process. Many people don’t even know where to start. From getting the right equipment to learning how to access the network, user experience is not at the forefront of this process. 

Leveling up with HELO 

HELO™ is unique by offering any user the equal opportunity to act as a node without the need for capital investment, energy requirements, or hardware. Nodes can participate on the blockchain as a forger, enforcer, or partner and earn rewards. Nodes are selected based on their track record of actions within the network, rather than computing power or capital, meaning there is a level playing field. A positive history of ethical contributions results in a greater opportunity of being selected to generate the next block. 

Powered by Proof of Ethic™, the revolutionary consensus achieves widespread accessibility by providing an easy user onboarding experience through desktop and mobile applications. Economic accessibility is apparent by requiring no transaction fees. It is feasible for anyone to be a node in the network, and in the future HELO™ will offer affordable Layer 1 applications for its users and the public.  

The more easily a user can participate in a project’s applications, protocol, and ecosystem, the more accessible the blockchain becomes. As of 2021, about 106 million people around the world have used cryptocurrencies. HELO™ will accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology and hopes to see this number rapidly increase by offering a streamlined, intuitive user experience. 

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