An update from Joshua Bell, SVP of Marketing

There will be NO ICO for the HELO Coin, which is the native currency on the HELO™ Blockchain.

An ICO is generally used as a method to raise funds “prior” to the completion of a blockchain project. 

NuPay has funded the blockchain development, the blockchain will be completed and operational before any coins will be made available to wallet holders/nodes.  HELO™ Coins will be made available through the HELO app upon launch, wallet holders will be able to swap ETH or BNB for HELO™ coins to receive and use immediately.

The allocation and coin price will be announced shortly, but it will be in the neighborhood of $.005 via the app. Additional coins will be made available on various exchanges shortly after the launch. It is also worth mentioning that the purpose of letting users trade ETH/BNB for HELO™ is to grow the blockchain and incentivize as many nodes as possible, with Ethereum possessing large liquidity and a strong community. 

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support and enthusiasm!

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