The HELO™ blockchain is a decentralized financial and social platform enabling developers, innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and communities to revolutionize the world’s industries.  

The HELO™ Blockchain is highly efficient because of Proof of Ethic™, the HELO™ Blockchain’s groundbreaking and patented consensus algorithm. PoE (Proof of Ethic™) avoids many of, if not all, the shortcomings of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake blockchains. 

Five Major Variables in Blockchain are –  
1) Speed/efficiency 
2) Security/Safety 
3) Energy consumption/Environmental friendliness 
4) Decentralization or Centralization 
5) Monetary investment 
Since the inception of blockchain-based digital payment and assets, these variables (#1-5) have never been inclusively or equally maximized without making concessions to one or the other. For example, if there is decentralization, speed must be subtracted; if speed is prioritized, then energy consumption is increased, thus less environmental friendliness; and so forth; thus, an unsolved paradox. 
The HELO™ Blockchain, powered by the Proof of Ethic consensus algorithm, is the first blockchain created to date that can strongly prioritize all five of these thus breaking this paradox. The HELO™ blockchain features extreme speed/efficiency, incredibly low energy consumption with an operational and transactional energy equivalent of a single web page loading, decentralization that allows the blockchain to operate by non-connected nodes globally, and no monetary investment, providing an egalitarian consensus across all nodes. 
A further issue that has hindered organic growth in blockchain-usage is gas fees, or heavy operational/transaction fees with limited scalability. Typically, when a user wants to send money, mint an NFT, or conduct any blockchain operation, there is a fee. With the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms, this fee is determined by network usage. The more users on the blockchain that conduct operations, the higher the gas or transaction fee.  
The HELO™ blockchain makes use of efficient algorithms, sharding, dynamic block sizes, and other blockchain optimization strategies to eliminate transaction and gas fees.  
The HELO™ Blockchain is a fast, eco-friendly, egalitarian Blockchain that provides strong security from its decentralized underbelly and requires little to no gas fees to operate.