The HELO™ Blockchain provides a fair and equal system for all users. HELO™ was built fundamentally for mass adoption. HELO™ aims to become a truly usable currency for everyday use. This is an extremely difficult goal to achieve, as it involves redesigning core components of the way blockchain is currently engineered to increase accessibility, reliability, overall fairness, and security. 
Accessibility is solved through a combination of elements. Among them, Proof of Ethic™ speed, Proof of Ethic™ costs, Proof of Ethic™ efficiency, and the extremely simple to use, cross-platform application that we will release with the blockchain. 
Reliability and fairness are solved by the Proof of Ethic™ consensus as well as other components of the HELO™ blockchain. 


Proof of Ethic™ is egalitarian by design and powers the HELO™ blockchain. As part of the Proof of Ethic™ consensus, a HELO™ node is incentivized to generate blocks as fast as it can to obtain block rewards, implying performing specific operations on the transactions in its mempool. There is a direct correlation between active nodes in the network and the competition factor to generate blocks. One important factor to note is that a node cannot really buy an advantageous position in the network. In fact, owning a powerful computer compared to a low-end laptop will not give you a significant advantage. With that said, a node’s internet connection may affect node efficiency.  

HELO™ nodes statistically have an equal opportunity at generating blocks and validating transactions, wherein the block rewards are distributed in accordance with successful actions. 

Furthermore, tokens built on the HELO™ blockchain will have the option to choose between either having transaction fees or not at all. You will be happy to hear that the HELO™ coin will, in fact, implement the latter option and have zero transaction fees. The abovementioned facts allow the barrier for entry to be exceptionally low, if not non-existent, allowing the technology to be practical in everyday use in both developed and emerging economies.  

HELO™ is the ideal blockchain for start-up companies and developers to build something unique. From low to no costs, scalability, and decentralization to accessible participation and secure infrastructure, the HELO™ blockchain is a tremendous opportunity to generate a bright new path without compromise.  

Finally, an existing business or large organization can immediately benefit by accessing the HELO™ blockchain. The HELO™ team offers direct, one-on-one support with all partners to ensure mutual success.  

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Written by William Valentine

Edited by Brad Wilson, Joshua Bell, Nathan Trudeau,